It saddens us that our island is back in COVID-19 PCOR-1 again. Just as we were about to make the announcement at the beginning of August, the ability to hold the event has been set back further with no date again. (We're also forced to postpone the 9/20/20 Adults Trench Challenge till further notice.) With this current situation, we have decided to no longer wait and offer a Virtual Option / Exit for the 2020 Trench Kids race especially for a number of kids that cannot participate in the physical event if and when it is rescheduled due to travel restrictions and relocating. 


This virtual challenge is exclusive to all those currently registered for the 2020 Trench Kids originally scheduled back in March.

No new registrants will be allowed, and registrants that have already filed a claim on their Fanshield registration insurance for a refund will not be eligible to participate. 

For more information on some of the questions you may have about deferment, transfers or refunds you can check out the TK 2020 FAQ Page.

The physical event may be on hold, but that doesn't mean the racing challenge has to keep waiting. You can now take on the Kids 1/2 mile and 1 mile challenge from your own home! There are variations to suit every kind of social distancing obstacles that stand in your way. All finishers will receive their 2020 kit to include Finisher shirt and medal. All parents that have placed orders on matching shirts will be included at the Drive-Thru pickup scheduled for Saturday, September 12th at the GFA Harmon Soccer Field parking lot.

Participants submitting from abroad will need to make arrangements and depending on country or registration rate paid, the  difference for postage may be required.


The Challenges:

AGES 4yr - 7yr old = distance HALF (1/2) MILE:


1/2 Mile Run + One 10 movement Option (Choose one)



  • 10 alternating high knee claps

  • 10-foot forward bear crawl and back 

  • 10 double leg forward jumps

  • 10-second  plank hold

  • 10 military sit-ups

  • 10 Burpees

  • 10-second handstand hold  

  • Numbered 1-20 hopscotch (1-2-1 pattern)

  • 10-foot crab walk forward and back

  • 10 air squats



  • 10 forward arm circles/10 backward arm circles 

  • 10 shoulder raises

  • 10-second toe touches

  • 10-foot sit and stands

  • 10 leg raises

  • 10 water bottle arm curls (both arms)

  • 10 water bottle shoulder presses

  • 10 toe touches

  • 10 tummy twists

  • 10 burpees



AGES 8yr - 11yr old = distance ONE (1) MILE:

1 Mile Run + listed movements  

  • 10-foot forward and back bear crawls

  • 10 single leg forward jumps on left leg/10 forward jumps on right leg 

  • 15 military sit-ups

  • 10 burpees

  • 10-second handstand hold 

  • Numbered 1-20 hopscotch (1-2-1 pattern)  

  • 10-foot Frog Jumps 

  • 10 air squats

  • 15 lb odd object carry (2 gallon water jugs or equivalent), 10 feet forward and back

  • 10 cartwheels

  • 20 squat jumps

  • 10 push-ups

  • 10 leg raises

Workout / Obstacle can be completed at any time throughout the run, as long as they are completed. This means you can "stack" them and do them all at the beginning or end, spread them out throughout / between the run distance, or any other combination. No time cap. No penalties, Just get it done!

Having issues completing a movement? IT'S OK, encourage your child to attempt it and try their best! They'll still receive their kit for giving it 100% 


Running Alternative:

ALTERNATE EXERCISES FOR RUNNING ARE AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO RUN OUTSIDE. For all distances, the running alternative request is one minute of high knee jumping jacks before each workout/obstacle movement as well as one minute following the final workout/obstacle.

Result Submissions

September 1st to 10th. Late registrations will not be accepted.

*A second round is being considered with a consolidated pickup at the end of October. (*memo added 9/19) 


You will submit your results to

Submissions MUST include any proof that the race was completed or attempted to the best of their ability. Examples include a social post/link (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo) or a cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, WeTransfer) to a video of child completing it, photos, GPS tracks, Strava activity, or anything you have to verify you did it.

Do not attach videos to email as file may be too big to send.

If possible, send your submission to using the registration confirmation email from that you received. It  has all the information needed to confirm and verify participant and shirt size ordered.

If sending a new email, please include the participants first and last name, DOB, category entered, and any other additional information that will help process Finisher Kits being prepared for pickup. We will not be able to change shirt sizes already reserved when participant registered for event. If you are a registered participant from abroad that had plans to travel here to race or a resident that is no longer on Guam, we can arrange mail delivery of your kit. Depending on country, the registration quantity, and rate paid, we may require additional funds to cover postage.


As mentioned, all finishers will receive their 2020 Performance Polyester Shirt and Finisher Medal.

  • The First 100 submissions will receive a miniature 1:38 scale Shell V-Power Ferrari toy car courtesy of IP&E. (CARS OUT OF STOCK. ALL 100 CLAIMED & GIVEN OUT from September 1-10 virtual submissions)

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